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: Hi Lolita! I saw your post about submitting tattoos, so I thought I would share mine! This is my “Big” tattoo. I chose this design as a reminder to never let my mental illness take control of my life, so it means a lot to me :) I plan on getting an Alice in Wonderland one soon, so I guess that would count as my Little tattoo :3 I can’t wait to see yours, love and hugs, Sasha~ x


Hi !

Thanks for sharing your amazing tattoo work! I love it! It really is beautiful. Hope to see pics of your “Little” Alice tattoo when you get it done!




Gallant cracks his knuckles and eats too much when he gets nervous. Sometimes he trips and falls in front of people he doesn’t want to trip and fall in front of at all.

Goofus indifferent to his children if he has them, doesn’t want to have any if he doesn’t, and is rude to waiters.

Gallant always tries to be a likable protagonist.

Goofus feels entitled to the same things you do, and that makes you feel uncomfortable. He is pathologically broken in a way that you would prefer to pretend does not exist.

Gallant always asks himself what he thinks that you would do in a particular given situation before he acts.

Goofus won’t commit to a decision. Goofus won’t take his birth control pills even though he’s sleeping with someone he doesn’t want to have a child with, then takes illegal drugs while he thinks he might be pregnant. He keeps putting off going to the doctor because he’s convinced that if he doesn’t name the problem, it can’t possibly exist. Goofus is living in a fantasy world, and he is also a bad mother, and this infuriates you.

Gallant has his problems, but his children are the most important thing in the world to him. You’re willing to overlook all of his faults because of how much he loves his kids.

Maybe you’re just afraid of Goofus because you can’t control him.

A Tale Of Two Protagonists

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